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Monday, 3 October 2011

Our Special Van Driver

We moan a lot about Couriers but we do have a favourite one that helps us out at short notice and is willing to leave the furniture 'in the garage, put cover over the top, close the doors, lock them and put the key under the third brick from the water butt' without too much moaning.

He came back from making deliveries for us today and said that his sat nav sent him down a street but he didn't have the correct name of the house. He said he drove up the road and saw a house painted in exactly the same F&B colour that the bench was painted in. That's what I call initiative.

We always ask him how it was and quite often he will say, it fitted perfectly where they wanted it. I think it goes to show that our customers do their research and make sure that what they are ordering fits nicely where they want it. Only twice have we had to remove an armoire because although they measured the room, they didn't measure the staircase and said Courier and mate got stuck on the stairs.

It helps to build up a relationship not only with customers but suppliers, Couriers and sellers.

Anyway, hope you like the Christmas bench in the photo. We are getting many new lines in and very excited about our next photo shoot.

1 comment:

  1. I love the Christmas bench just wish I had some room in my house for it... Your courier sounds great, what a find!
    Sue x