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Thursday, 26 August 2010

New Products

too good for hats and coats. How about handbags, hats, jewellery etc. etc. etc. They are for sale but you wouldn't think so with the number we have around the house!

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Paint Everywhere travels. I've always got some speck of paint on me. On my hands, hair, glasses. DH said tonight, "I like that what colour is the paint in your hair?". Not funny


I could put so much in this. All my antique glass, the white china I love and ohhh yes, the pressed glass cream jugs. That's it. I'm keeping it!

A Rest Day???

........I don't think so. Just a little painting, just a little accounts, and just a little blog, facebook and Twitter. Just can't help it!

I love this

it comes in different colours but I love the greys!

The Day Off

We both deserver a day off from work. DaughterBus Partner especially. I like to think I'm computer literate but OMG these things drive you to distraction. Anyway, looking for some interesting new colours for an autumn range. Flamant do some really interesting colours but do customers want aubergine, olive, and slate dressers! I love those colours but something tells me they will not be as popular as the antique whites, pale greys and soft greens.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

It's Hard Work...........

all this painting but not as hard as loading all our products onto our Facebook page and our shopping site on That's really hard work!! Painted a new dresser in between computer rage episodes. Give me painting and distressing any time. Coffee, radio, sleeping dogs - bliss


This is Bunty and comes in two sizes
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Saturday, 14 August 2010


One moment we are bemoaning the fact that we lost a photoshoot with a magazine we would like to have featured in and the next three different ones want us. Heyho, that's life.

New Friends!!

How lovely. We now have some new followers and are thrilled we have passed the '10' we aimed at. However, 500 seems a long way off!!

Thursday, 12 August 2010


At last! Lots of hard work but Facebook shop now open. Furniture, cushions, lampshades and shelves. Phew!!!

The Lampshade Library

We have finally completed our Lampshade Library. What hard work! But loving it

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Another Favourite

What a Day

Today has been interesting. Switching from first coat of undercoat for a dresser, then on to cutting fabric for lampshades, then packaging up a dresser for delivery. Just the cushion orders to finish!

Sweet Bedside Cupboards

We love these bedside cupboards they come in an antique white and this blue.

Living etc. Photo Shoot

We were thrilled to be asked yesterday to take part in a photo shoot for Living etc. Due to big logistic problems we weren't able to accept but are excited that they liked our furniture so much that they asked if they could use our furniture in the future. Of course, we said YES!!!

Friday, 6 August 2010

This is some of the latest things:

We'e been soooo busy but now we've back

Ruby and Betty's Attic is back. We've had a break to finish the house but now it's back to business!

What have we been up to? - Lots. We have some stunning new furniture that you can see on our site and our Facebook shop is now up and running. We have launched our new range of lampshades, bunting and cushions but our heart still belongs to French-style distressed furniture. Take a look..