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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The Art of Dining

One of my prized possession is a battered, green leather book with the words 'HOME DINNERS' embossed in gold on the front.

Inside are details of Dinner Party Menus dating from 1904 - 1910. Not only do they give the Menu for the evening but detail who the guests were, what was served and by whom, and the flower decorations. All noted down in very pretty handwriting in black ink, presumably by the hostess. I do wish she had written her name on the inside cover of the book for me to research her.

This is a typical Dinner Party Menu for fourteen guests and 'ourselves':


Consomme Chiffonade
Filets de Sols a L'American/Lobster Sauce & Madeira
Ris de Veau a l'Italienne

Welsh Saddle of Mutton
Sea Kale
Pintades a la Broche
Langue de Boeuf Russe
Salade Mache
Plum Pudding
Compote de Pommes
Croutes de Sardines
a la diable

The table was decorated with : All coloured Tulips - Dwarf Similar
and Fern Velsken centre.
The servants: Bertha, Jessie, Nancy and the Cook: A Newland

Such an elegant and gracious way of living

Sunday, 8 January 2012


We are going to have a little giveaway of two of our beautiful vintage style glass hanging hearts! All we want you to do is share our Facebook page with your friends and we will pick from all those that share this post. Easy! just click the share button below. Thanks Christine and Alex
We will anounce the winner tomorrow night at 8pm!

Saturday, 7 January 2012

We paint in so many colours. We get inspiration from all that surrounds us. We wouldn't consider painting in this colour but WOW! how amazing is the sunrise!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Our Teeny Tiny Mention in Homes and Gardens Magazine!

I have to say that we are both Interior magazine obsessives! We buy pretty much everyone and do love to spot new trends and ideas.
In between Christmas and New Year I asked my husband to pick me up a copy of Homes and Gardens. So he did.
And there it sat....
After four days of it being sat on the side I finally got to look at it. Imagine my complete surprise to find we were mentioned in the January issue! It was regarding our beautiful vintage style clock
Very very happy

Christmas at the'Attic

This was the image we used for our Christmas at the 'Attic page of our shop. I love it and I have only just noticed the toy village at the base of the Christmas tree...too cute.
Christmas was as we expected - very busy. We had lots of last minute orders to get out with people panicing for tables large enough to seat families.
We had a frantic call from a pub for benches that was opening 36hours from when we got the order and we managed to get them there in time!